Creative direction, conceptulization, product vision, visual design, technical design, user-centered design, coding, strategy, planning, writing, teaching…

Over the 15+ years of my career I’ve worn many hats: I’ve founded and run design and development shops. I’ve designed products, web sites, mobile interfaces and consumer devices. I’ve worked with many types of clients, from ad agencies to mobile device manufacturers. I’ve written a few books, given talks, held lectures and taught courses. Digital design has always been the core of all of these (ad)ventures.

My passion for designing digital experiences began in the early 1990s when I embarked on writing my first interactive story on an old 386 computer. Since then, I’ve worked in many seasons of the interactive industry – from the CD-ROM heyday, to the dot-com bust – and my goal has always been to create memorable and engaging digital experiences and bring delight to anything with pixels – whether it sits on your desk or in your hand.

My work has been chosen for several Communication Arts Interactive Annuals, won Flash Forward, One Show, SXSW and Cannes Cyber Lions awards, and has been featured in design magazines and books.

I have recently returned to independent consulting to explore designing ways of making digital technology a force that connects people in personal, more human ways through mobile devices and emerging touch-screen technology.

Michelangelo Capraro

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Michelangelo Capraro