Blog: jquery workarounds for ios and other tidbits….

working on prototyping a web app in jquery mobile and lots of searches to work around or get the right answer for certain little nitpicky issues…

Splash Screens on iOS

ok, here is a good rundown of the right tags for iOS splashscreens when the app is in web app mode. NOTE: the images have to be the size stated or they will not work, so portrait on iPad = 768×1004

Weird transition flashing on iOS in Web App mode

ok, some strangeness in the way transitions are composited – the next screen you are transitioning to flashes on the screen before the transition hapens. her’s one fix:

 .ui-mobile-viewport-transitioning, .ui-mobile-viewport-transitioning .ui-page { overflow: visible; }

more info and other options here and here, where i settled on the last post

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