Blog: RenderMode changes yet again. Adobe AIR 3.2 does it differently…

so in AIR 3, i made the switch from CPU mode to GPU mode and saw a little bump. it was running well in CPU mode already so i stayed there as previous to AIR 3, GPU mode didn’t work constantly. now, AIR 3.2 changes it again. GPU mode flies, but all draw commands are jagged in MEDIUM stage quality. i cant go HIGH because the 1st ten iPad slows down, it needs to be LOW all the time and MEDIUM wen drawing this used to give you antialiased lines when drawing and smooth animation (in LOW mode).

Now, i get jagged lines unless i am in HIGH mode. ugh. back to CPU? no, i tried Direct renderMode and i get the speed and the nice drawing on iPad1 and iPad 3. nice. but why does it change every release?

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