What I'm Working On: game making…

wow, it’s been a long while since i made a post here.

well, lately i’ve been feeling a real desire to make some little games. i have a ton of ideas that sit dormant for years (like 10 years!) and i really want to bring some of them to life. i also want to lear a bit more about game structure and mechanics and maybe participate in some game contents like Ludum Dare. the biggest hurdle for me is that there hasn’t been a way to quickly jump in and sketch out a game in code and graphics and get a quick idea for how it might work.

i played with a few tools, one of my favorites have been Codea


it’s a great tool for sketching with code, and i was able to throw things together pretty quickly.

but moving to the desktop, i really wanted to use my tried and true tools to do this, so i looked around and found this great game framework called Citrus Engine

wow, it’s such a great platform for throwing a quick idea together. it does some amazing things, like letting me use Flash to actually design a level.

after looking through the Ludum Dare winners i decided to try and recreate one of my favorite winning entries as a way to learn how to use Citrus Engine and tweak my tools make quick game sketching possible.

so i’ve started to dive in and will post my progress as i go. i hope i can get something that resembles the above game done fairly soon.