Flash is Alive!

Near the tail end of last year, I released what I hope is one of many mobile apps that I will release in my future. Since its release, I’ve been asked more than a few times if I am “worried” because “Adobe killed Flash” – or something to that affect. Most of the time I… Read the Rest

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Opinion: Of Love Hearts and Lego bricks

With all the back and forth between Apple and Adobe and developers, I’m feeling like the real issues have gotten lost amongst the extreme views from either side. In the end, this whole fiasco has been boiled down to Flash vs HTML5 and that kind of simplification isn’t getting anyone anywhere – it just causes… Read the Rest

Opinion: Flash, HTML5, Browsers vs. The User

I was reading through some Flash vs. HTML5 related stories and one of the more recent was Mashable’s poll asking that now tired question: HTML5 or Flash? While I’m not really that interested in which technology comes out on top with this kind of poll, I do find the responses interesting. Why are so many… Read the Rest

Opinion: The iPad and interactive advertising

With all the Flash vs. iPad, Adobe vs. Apple action out there, I thought I would explore how the iPad’s potential success might affect the interactive advertising world – where I spend most of my time. Guesswork: Audience Impact For my business, and to a larger extent, the interactive advertising community, the primary target for… Read the Rest

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