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Technical Direction and Design, Art Direction, Strategy: While I was the technical director and a creative director at Number 9, I lead the team as we worked with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners to create an interactive chronicling of 15 celebrity climbers as they ascended Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa to raise awareness for the clean water… Read the Rest

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Work: Toyota Mobile Hybrid Experience

Creative Direction, Technical Direction: I worked with CreativEngine to develop 15 digital experiences for Toyota’s Mobile Hybrid Experience – an interactive exhibit built into 18-wheel big rigs that educated people about hybrid engine technology. I lead the front-end development of the Flash-based networked trade-show experienced as well as creative directed the visual design of the… Read the Rest

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Art Direction, Innovation Driving: As a creative director at Number 9, I worked with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Hyundai to develop the next generation auto maker website and elevate the auto brand in the minds of prospective car buyers. My main role was as innovation driver – to help generate innovative ideas that would… Read the Rest

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Work: Music Republic

Product Visioning, Creative Direction: I was creative director and product designer for Music Republic’s consumer-oriented digital music station, AKA The Bebop. The goal of the project was to create an experience for CD lovers that would help them transition all their music, digitizing it to the cloud. I designed the user interface for the product… Read the Rest

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Work: RedBull Copilot

Technical Design, Design Conceptualization: Working with Odopod, I lead the technical development of the first RedBull Copilot series of sites and helped create an experience for fans of some of the most extreme sports (in this case, Super Moto and Acrobatic Airplane Racing). The resulting technical challenge was nearly an impossible one: synchronizing up to… Read the Rest

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Work: Palm

Interface Design, Usability, Product Development: While I managed the UX group at Palm, I lead the interface design explorations for future versions of the Palm OS as well as updating the existing OS interface elements for licensees like Sony and Acer. I created over 30 different fonts for the device, thousands of icons, and worked… Read the Rest

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Technical Design, Conceptualization, Flash: When Odopod was developing the web site for the premier launch of the Wear Yellow campaign, they needed a community building experience to get people engaged. Initially expected to gather 20,000 entries, I built this virtual peloton that allowed cancer survivors, their friends, family, and supporters to add a virtual rider… Read the Rest

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Work: Skip Intro

Book: In 2002 I embarked on co-writing a book with long time colleague Duncan McAlester. The book, Skip Intro, is designed to help educate the Flash community specifically and designers/programmers at large that usability isn’t a dirty word. It doesn’t mean making boring pedestrian web sites, and it doesn’t mean abandoning Flash. Quite the contrary,… Read the Rest

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Work: Plantronics Gaming

Art Direction: As Number 9 creative director and technical director, we delivered several projects for Plantronics, the headset manufacturer. Over our years of collaboration with them, we worked with them on several projects including a site for their gaming headsets – specially designed headsets for XBOX, PlayStation and other console systems. Here are some early… Read the Rest

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